Times of Mumma!!!

Episode 1: – The moment I knew I would be a mom…

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The time, when my life began to feel different and each and every week and day were being numbered. It was the time, when I first came to know that I was about to be a mother. For a second, it was a ground shaking experience until I started dreaming about it.

Actually, I already knew that somehow, but was waiting for the report, luckily the report was revealed by the one who was equally responsible for it… my husband!!!

This is how it actually happened: –

I was sitting in the office but was not feeling well. Suddenly I got a phone call… my heart started beating fast because I knew what the call was for. On the other side, was my husband thinking of, “How will I tell her.” I picked up the phone with a smile and heard from the other side “ mummy is saying that you just take care of yourself.” I asked, “Why”? He smiled and said that we are about to become parents.

I didn’t know how to react, just smiled and said hmmmmmm……