Times Of Mumma

Episode 2: – Celebration Time


I was feeling special and was waiting to meet my family. As always my husband and his sister came to pick me up from my office. We were on our way and I couldn’t stop smiling. As I entered home, everyone was staring at me with a smile. It was a celebration time for my family and in my family, nothing can be better than icecream to celebrate this moment. I was given two cup’s. Why? Can’t you guess yourself. Do reply on this blog if you know the answer…


images (2)



The rest of the pregnancy period was uneventful. Everyone who met, had a different advice for the first time mom. I was told that I couldn’t eat whatever I want. I couldn’t sleep the way I use to sleep earlier.I did exactly what everyone told me, just for the sake of my child. I ate healthy food, I drank a cup of milk with oranges every day, for 9 months I slept on my back, and it was the first time that I was happy from my weight gain LOL…


I looked horrible and I was worried about, what if I look the same after giving birth to my baby? Was I too conscious or it was natural to be conscious? Well, everyone has different opinions. My opinion is that I was right in being conscious.


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