Being a Mother… The Feeling of Being Complete

The first thing I learned after becoming a mother was to start respecting my mother even more. This was because I realised that a mother shares the strongest bond with her child. I also realised that the things my mother did for me which I took for granted were so huge.

Now, I think that whether I will ever be able to repay for the sacrifices she made for me!

Right now I can just say love You Mom!!!


My Lyf totally changed after becoming a mom. I realised that one smile of my baby was worth spending thousands of rupees on something that makes me happy. The sleepless nights I spent in taking care of my baby were no more a sacrifice.

If I ever felt low, then a single smile of my baby was enough to raise my spirits. I started buying toys for my baby instead of buying something I was dying for.

That’s how I totally changed when my son (Raunak) came into my lyf.



Will I be as good as my mother?


2 thoughts on “Being a Mother… The Feeling of Being Complete

  1. My Dear Namrata, Pl stop having questions like whether You would be as a good Mother as Your own, and all that. You are doing well. Your Tribute to her, the Sentiments You have expressed on Your Motherhood… All good, and even Great. Love to all.


    • It is not exactly a question, but a deep feelings that comes in my mind whenever I think of my mother and the things she did for me…
      That’s what made me think whether I’ll be as good as her.


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