From a mother to “Working Mother”…

Being a mom was not easy
I tried a lot to not let the things get messy…

Problems faced by me and all the working mothers

Working mothers are the ladies who take care of their baby and are as well as indulged in jobs. Actually, they are doing two jobs at the same time. On one hand they have to take care of their child whereas on the other they have to go out to work.

Now the question arises that why mothers have to work?

It’s not true that women works for their own interest, but she does this for the sake of her family and to earn her families livelihood.

Sometimes if one is single mom, then there is no option except job to earn and to fulfill her baby’s needs. Indian women’s had always been housewives. But the increase in cost of living has forced them to go out to work and earn.

The bulk of families can no longer afford to live on one source of income (husband).

It’s very difficult for a middle class lady to go out leaving her baby home or with care takers. She has to face too ordeals. Working mothers most often suffers mental as well as emotional stress, as they deal with the mental pressures from home as well as office. This may often deal to marital disturbances.

Sometimes due to physical stress women starts shouting on her mates due to which their relationship has to suffer.

Most working mothers feel guilty of leaving behind the child at home because she missed her baby’s first step, first word, and first calling mummaaaa!!!
I am a working mother and I missed all this. That’s the biggest guilt that I know every working mother feel.
And instead of supporting, the society doesn’t favor working mothers. Usually the relatives and neighbors don’t appreciate moms to work. But they don’t know that they are suffering today so that their baby won’t have to suffer in the future. It’s for their baby’s sake.

Indian women’s have an immense ability to multitask. They all love their kids. Being a mother is their most important job. But they also have a professional life which is also as much important for them.

People say that working women’s children does not have a connection/bond with their mom’s, but this is not true at all. There’s no better test than to ask the children. They know who their mom is — even the smallest babies respond to their mother’s scent, voice and presence. So it proves all.

Next time, if you see a working mom, then instead commenting on her just think how much she is sacrificing for the sake of her child’s bright future.

Working mothers get to have an identity separate from being moms.


4 thoughts on “From a mother to “Working Mother”…

  1. I don’t know what is to be mother but can surely try to understand the pain mothers in metro cities face, juggling work, husband, in-laws, relatives of the either side and not-to-forget the new comer in the life!


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  3. My Dear Namrata, came across Your posts in Facebook, which is where I go more, as Blogs take a good amount to time. But the Fb directed me …here.

    As You know I appreciate Your posts, but in this one, We two have serious differences of opinion! As my comments would have taken too much space, as WordPress suggests, have made into a new post in mine, with full credit and reference to You.

    Kindly pursue:

    Love and Regards as Always.


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