What is Love?!


We might call something Beautiful. But What is Beauty? Similarly, We Love, and Most of Us have Experienced Love. But What is Love?


  • Is Hugging and Kissing Love? How do I hug and kiss my Friend, my Grown-up Son, my Neighbour, and So many others?
  • Is Giving Gifts Love? With so many meaningless gifts given, and so many given just for one’s personal gain?
  • How do You Love Your Enemy? Christ wanted Us to do that.
  • How does a Paraplegic Love? And How do You Love Your Departed Relative?

…This is How I Describe Love:


Unless You have Lost All Your Faculties, It would Not be Enough to Merely ‘Wish’ that. You have to Put it into Action To the Best of Your Ability. Our ‘word’ will not be taken for that. After all, Most of Us Believe that there is a Supreme Being…

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