Times of Mumma – Edpisode 3

I started this blog with writing episodes of my story after being pregnant.

Times of Mumma (episode 1),  Times of Mumma (episode 2), and now Episode number 3.

Episode 3

And then Raunak was born on 5th January 2013. The day was very cold. I was waiting for my husband to come and see his son. When he came, our eyes were in tears.

That day changed my life, from waking up early in the morning (to do all the home tasks before he is awake) to stay awake the whole night to let him sleep whenever he got a high fever.

And then the day came when I decided to join the office as it was also important (or needed) for me. Raunak was 3 months old at that time. Initially, I use to cry in the office washroom after hearing his cries over the phone. It was very tough for me.

After some time, I began working even harder to complete my work on time and rush to home to pick him up in my arms. It became a routine and both of us became habitual to this. Relatives us to come and show their grievances, leaving me in depression for one or two days. And then I was back to normal.

Offices changed, but the situation remained the same. My story of struggling use to make my colleagues dicey about getting married. But it is the way life is all about.

Raunak is of 2 years now and the routine is still the same. I woke up in the morning and the moment I step up, he laughs and shouts, Milk… with both his hands up. We then bath together and cooks food together (he stays with me on the kitchen slip till I am done with cooking).

Life is so good now and I try to enjoy each and every moment with Raunak.



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