I Soon Learned to be Quiet…


I may not be good at cooking but tried my best to cook for your family, just to see you proudly saying, my wife cooked it.

I spent the whole day preparing for the dinner as per your choice, still you took them out thinking that my food may embarrass you.


Why was I always made to doubt my own opinion even if I was right?

Why is it against the rights of a wife to be angry with him, to stop him when he was slapping me, to speak to my family about the abuse?


Why was it always my fault for every problem?

Now I think it was really my fault that I learned to be quiet!

Are relationships all about compromising and being quiet?

I don’t get it. I just don’t.

Where is it written in the history of time that women have to be the ones to bow, bend and serve while men get to walk around with their chins up?

In this male dominating society, a lot of women must have been through the same situation, having tears in eyes and still smiling. They are always expected to stop dressing the way they want, stop talking to the friends with whom they can share everything, stop eating what they want, and much more.

Why us?


Meri Mummy Superstar!!!

Feeling on the top of the world!

Woke up in the morning and Raunak said, Meri Mummy Superstar!

(though it is a line featured in an advertisement)

Today I realised the true happiness in being a mother.


I don’t care what the world is saying to me being a working mother!

I don’t care if people show grievances that why I am working being a mom!

I don’t care I am not able to satisfy the family members as well as my manager in spite of giving my 200 % towards both!

I do what I want to make me and my Raunak’s life better. His smile and naughtiness gives me strength to work even harder leaving all the hurdles behind.

Luv u Raunak…