Time Really Flies by So Fast

As I opened my blog after months, I realized that time really flies by so fast. Raunak (Now known as Rudra Choudhary in school) is 3 years old now and goes to school too.


To mark this 3 years journey, I wrote a letter on his 3rd Birthday, which was on 5th January 2016. Today I realized that it would be difficult for me to save that letter on paper for years. Therefore, I decided to pen it on my blog so that it can stay on the web forever…

Dear Raunak (Rudra),

You are 3 years old today and it still seems yesterday when you came in my world. I cannot express in words that how much I love you and care for you. Some people say you like your father and the others say you look like me (as you have dimples like me on your cheeks). It’s your love and affection that gives me strength to be a successful working mother. Whenever I feel sad or depressed in office, I just open my Google photos and starts viewing your pictures when you happen to be so tiny with soft hands, chubby cheeks, round eyes, and you saying Mumma in videos.

I love it when you sleep in the night with your head on my side and foots on your dad’s side (sometimes on face). He always calls you “mumma ka beta” as you always sleep with me and not him at night.

I don’t have many words to express my feelings and I can’t stop tears rolling out of my eyes while writing this letter to you. I am with you today and want to spend rest of my lyf seeing you grow up, dance, sing, and enjoy life.

Love you,



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