It’s Time to put my Dreams Aside!

The moment I was inches close to achieve my life long dream, I was pulled back in the bog called “Family“.

Note – Men, please don’t even try to relate or sympathize to my situation because you can’t.

Today when I was struggling to sleep peacefully in my room I realized what I have lost,… not a family, not a person, but my life long dream to achieve something in my life and to build my career beside all obstacles trying to stop me.

But today, life knocked me out and trapped me in the big bog called”Family”. People call me selfish for not being able to devote much time for the family but I still say, kudos to myself for doing good in my career being a mother and setting an example in my community.

I have realized that the male dominated society treats the word called “Women Empowerment” like a nuclear bomb. If we become empowered or try to become one, we are treated as a threat to other women in the society and for the upcoming generation. Are we?

I would like to tell the world today that “empowerment” does not mean a material gain in status or influence, but a feeling of inner potency.

Dear life, you must have stopped me from achieving my dreams and defusing the nuclear bomb, but I’m still empowered, and will always be…

This is another chapter of my life and motherhood that I want my son “Raunak” to know and learn a lesson out of this, for the lifetime.

Love you Raunak!